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80’s cinema flashbacks

I fancy some Fox’s Glacier Fruits now. Or some Westlers Hot Dogs at the intermission?

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Arfur Adams does Funtastic Four


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Star Wars Rubble Heist

I think I may have built up Star Wars Rebel Heist a little. I even made sure I got the Matt Kindt covers. More than I had done for Deathblow. Meh, Deathblow was of a satisfactory or acceptable quality. EDIT: … Continue reading

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You Saggy!

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Syd Mead does Honda

Tetsuo! Kaneda!

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Astal in…

…”It’s a boy” shocker. Right up until I played it, and even then a few minutes after, I thought Astal was a girl. She’s not. She’s a boy.

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Deafblow By Blows

I’m going through a purge of my comics. The first real comic reduction since starting in 1986. I’ve made a few quid, so decided to buy some stuff I’ve wanted for a while. Deathblow Byblows by Alan Moore and Jim … Continue reading

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Songs I like CXXXIX: 1000%

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Ringu of Fire

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Mignolia does Doom Patrol

You don’t see people smiling in any of Mike Mignola’s pictures very often. Might look nice in colour, too.

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Silver Sufferer

My mangling of another Moebius original.

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Oh No ah

We all learned some valuable lessons back in 1981. So imagine, if you will, my surprise when watching Moses (the movie), the “Ark” turned out to be a huge wooden boat, of all things. To be fair, I did wonder … Continue reading

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