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Bill New Mutants

Disgustingly had to pay over the odds for this. Just going to read it now. And by “read” I mean look at.

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Twisted Deflection

While browsing the Modern Horizons Grand Art Tour, I came across this image of Twisted Reflection (one of the foils I bought). Except it isn’t a reflection. Possibly. I never noticed the hand/claw coming out of the water. Cool.

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Neither score high enough to stay on the leaderboard; but early days yet. No VR either.

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Songs I forgot about until I got the LP for a pound CCLVII: Tried To Be True

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Just what you need for transporting your Tempest cabinet.

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Give yourself a Shiny. Pack. LXXVVI

These cards are quite nice in foil. Extended art (non-foil) Robber of the Rich was my big money card in the Wizards of the Coast lottery pack.

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