What I did at Replay 2011

Replay 2011 at Blackpool for the second year (and my first year there). I’ve not been to anything like this since I used to go to comic conventions (Glasgow for many years and London once).

This is as good an image of Blackpool as any…

I travelled down with my wife, two children and a big dog on Friday. A nice easy drive of three hours or so with a couple of stops on the way. I was left in the hotel that night to look after the dog, so just did some reading and played some C64 games.

Big dog in small boot shocker

Had a cooked breakfast (not great) on Saturday morning, then me and number one son drove to the Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre (hotel more like).
Walked through the place, which was surprisingly large and old fashioned, to find we had to go back outside and join the end of the massive queue, which then stretched back near to where I had parked my car in the first place. Doh.
Once the show opened, the queue moved quickly and it was only once I head reached the doors I realised I had lost my son’s ticket. So we had to walk back to the car, where thankfully it had fallen out of my pocket.

Looking back at the Arcade Otaku cabs

We made it in eventually and spent a pleasant four hours wandering about playing games together. Eventually he wanted to leave though (he did surprisingly well all things considered), as it was too loud; and that’s not old age talking either. In fact there wasn’t much talking of any kind over the music.
I drove him back to the hotel (a more family orientated and pet friendly one than the Norbreck, even though that would have been much easier for me) and decided to get the tram back to the Expo to enable me to have some beers. Cold Carlsberg in plastic cups. Not as bad as you may think.

A splendid afternoon of gaming took place, but my wife took my camera, so I have no pictures this. Spent a bit of time with the AO guys and generally faffed around for a while playing pinball and other such delights.
Although my bladder was a bit of a pain needing constant emptying. The joys of diabetes.

The Norbreck Castle hotel (it’s not a real castle)

We checked out of our hotel on Sunday morning and me and my son went back to Replay for a couple of hours messing around (which he seemed to enjoy).
My wife and number two son then came in to the Expo (she didn’t pay) for half an hour to look round, then the shambolic drive home, where I was given a bum-steer by Spongebob on the SatNav and had to go an extra 30 miles or so on the motorway.
I was glad to make it back and get a decent cup of tea.

Dare ye enter?

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