Strider 2

It’s been a while since I’ve played it, so decided to stick Strider 2 into my cab.
This is on Sony ZN-2 hardware (basically a Playstation with more RAM) and has a stereo connector. Funny thing is that since it’s came out of storage, and after switching it on, I need to disconnect and then reconnect one of the phono cables to get the sound to work.

Sony ZN-2 and Strider 2 boards

Decided to clean the board, which was a bit dusty, but it hasn’t resolved the problem.
It’s probably something obvious, although it hasn’t occurred to me yet.

I’m sure I’ve heard people hating on Strider 2, and although I’m not the Playstation hardware’s greatest fan, Capcom have stuffed the game full of interesting stuff. I’m going to play for a few more days then try and pass a better informed judgement on the game (which I like so far).

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