(too) old school

I never played Batalyx (or even own a C64) back in the day.
I was simply aware of Llamasoft games, and that there was something weird about them.

Even in 1985 this was quite a Satanic looking cover to a suggestible 13 year old.
It also summed up my opinion and general impression of Jeff Minter’s games at the time. Had I a C64, I would surely have played them; instead I had a spectrum and knew that it played host to crappy conversions.

The Commodore 64 was only owned by a couple of people, due to the high cost of the machine, and it was always an exotic treat to play them.

Bruce Lee, Airwolf, Leaderboard, Way of the Exploding fist all made me envious. And the music was so much better than the beeps of the spectrum.

I have no regrets about owning a Spectrum though.

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