CD32: Retro is never easy

My [replacement] CD32 arrived today. First thing was a quick test, then swapped the top half for the previous CD32 as the new one was scratched.
So, I have an S-Video to SCART converter,  I eventually got it to work on one of my SCART connections and the picture is a little bit better than composite. It appears the SCART input must be able to handle an S-Video signal, and not all seem to be able; they display the picture in black and white.


The games:

Super Skidmarks
I have no doubt this will be a great game, it just doesn’t play right with my Mega Drive controllers. Stick 1 can’t accelerate and turn right, stick 2 always turns right when accelerating.
Annoying, but I will dig out my old Competition Pro stick and see how that goes.

The Chaos Engine

Look at the colours, man

Pretty much the same as the standard Amiga version with a few more colours (not as good a thing as you might have hoped) and, rather unforgivably, they have replaced the theme tune with some bloke doing a voice over. Gutted.

At least the music is the same in game and the extra colours aren’t too garish.

Speedball 2

Purple people eater

This is had similar treatment to The Chaos Engine, except that the extra AGA colours actually suit it (I like the purpleness). The music and sound seem improved too.

Sensible Soccer
Same as always. Nice and dependable.

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