Flex Mentallo

Man of Muscle Mystery

I read Doom Patrol back in the day, so I also picked up Flex Mentallo when originally published. It’s nice to see this reprinted and apparently recoloured. I read somewhere that people prefer the original colouring, but I’d need to go back and check as the book looked fine to me. Sure, 90’s colouring has “character”, but it just wouldn’t look right published like that in a DC Deluxe Edition. You wouldn’t want to go back to pulpy newsprint, so everyone needs to move with the times.

The story is pretty good, although a touch mental, you can forgive it though as it’s supposed to be like that.
It all makes sense in the end. Sort of.

Frank Quitely’s art is special though, and even if you don’t like Morrison’s more head-mincing writing on this, it’s worth reading for the pictures alone.


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