Batman Earth One

After the crap that was Superman Earth One (and the last J. Michael Straczynski comic I will ever buy), my hopes weren’t exactly high for Batman Earth One.

Geoff Johns can sometimes miss the mark for me (Green Lantern and all that Darkest Day/Brightest Night shite); but I have also enjoyed his Superman stories (with Gary Frank), and even the current Justice League.
These things are all subjective as I’ve read bad reviews for Justice League and for Batman Earth One.

I quite enjoyed this book. The fallible Batman isn’t a new idea, but in this story, it’s different enough to make it reasonably interesting. Earth One appears to be the new Elseworlds universe, and I suppose it’s not such a bad thing. This isn’t a spoiler, but I’m glad they didn’t roll out the Joker as they always seem to do nowadays. It gave Penguin a moment in the limelight for a change.
And while I can see why Gary Frank’s art style might not please everyone, I like it.

Not too bad

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