Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs vs Aliens

A new comic by Grant Morrison is a good thing, I won’t deny it.

Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs vs Aliens has been created arse-backwards with the the plot being created to fit the premise, rather than the other way round.

It’s not a disaster by any means, although this is only volume 1 (but it doesn’t tell you that anywhere). What does spoil it is the final of three chapters.
Chapters one and two have astonishingly good art (see splendid image to the left), then chapter three has a very noticeable drop in quality.

Given that Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison wrote their introductions in December 2011, I can only assume the book was supposed to be nearing completion by that point. Here we are eight months later and it looks like the final chapter has been rushed to get the book on the shelves.

You get some of Grant’s script pages at the back, and reading them I think I missed out a lot of the dinosaur plot, they all had names and stuff (Titan and Shitterhorn), but the only one I could really identify was “one eye”.
If there is a volume two, it may bring all the dinosaur politics and relationships to the fore, and maybe I could re-read this book with a better appreciation of the characters.

Lastly, how do the dinosaurs get the “jewellery” and “make-up” onto their hulking bodies? Most dinosaurs either have four feet, or their hands are just too tiny to be of any use (yes, you T-Rex, you tiny armed buffoon).
One for the Dr. Alan Grant to worry about I think.

Good, but falters in the third

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