Daredevil by Mark Waid Vol. 1

I heard that the current Daredevil series by Mark Waid was pretty good, but I’ve been stung too many times by Marvel in the past, so decided not to buy it.

Although this time the acclaim was too universal, I figured I must be missing something. I decided to go for the hard cover collections after picking up volume 2 recently. Tracking down volume 1 was surprisingly difficult, after I ordered it from Amazon and it didn’t ship, I then tried somewhere else on the Amazon marketplace, but they cancelled the order as they were unable to supply it. Currently theĀ  prices on Amazon.co.uk are horrifically high.

I eventually tracked down a copy on the Waterstones marketplace for an affordable price. The book was duly shipped and was never delivered. After a couple of weeks, the seller shipped me another copy, which finally arrived today.

I’m glad I went to the trouble to track it down as it is damn good stuff.
It’s not gritty and depressing, and the fact that the hero seems to be enjoying himself makes a splendid change.

The art from Paolo Rivera is also splendid, with Marco Martin not far behind.

Looking forward to reading Volume 2 tomorrow.

Splendid stuff

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