How to play Tempest 2000

As I finally got Mr Minter to sign my Tempest 2000 cartridge (he already signed my Tempest 3000), I decided I needed to upgrade my Jaguar set up.

Jaguar T2K Commander

First to go was the crappy ribbon cable scart cable.
Although not the cheapest or easiest to find, an official Atari Acart cable was purchased: immediately the background hiss was gone and the sound was perfect, the picture quality is probably better too.

Next up was a rotary controller, the only way to play Tempest.
I contacted the gentleman of this site: and he was kind enough to make one and ship it to the UK.

Now I just need to get the kids off the TV and actually have a game.

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  1. danny says:

    Phew! Was just googling myself (as you do) and saw a pic of my controller with the heading ‘A terrible shambles’!

    Glad you liked the controller (“,)

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