Toned Turtle again

BLAMtone_Raph_1I feel I should say something about this drawing (of Raphael in case you’re wondering).
I took this image from an unfinished sketch on Peter Laird’s TMNT Blog; he always drew a better Turtle than Kevin Eastman, although in Eastman’s favour is his Tundra effort.

I did my pencils (several times) and inked, then scanned at 300dpi.
Once in Photoshop, I used BLAMtone for that 80’s Turtles feel. I just re-read issues 10 and 11 of the original series and still enjoyed them. Issue 11 was one of the first comics I ever bought in a proper comic shop (Timeslip in Newcastle). Good times…

I figured the template was worth a punt at $3. It worked quite well, although the density of the tones isn’t as high as the old Turtle comics, but I figure the Blambot dudes probably know something I don’t and went with it.

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