Light Cycle: we continue

Still pushing on. Did the dark grey wheel centres (not so easy to mark off), but it seems to have turned out okay(ish).

Wheel hubs?

And seeing as it was Sunday, I managed to spend a bit more time filling, sanding and then base coating the model base.

Grey primer and microfiller

So this is where I’m at now:

Masking issues

I’m still primarily using Tamiya masking tape, but even that took off the top layer of the cycle base, so the metallic blue looks rubbish.
I need to do another coat of glass black on the sides, then re-mask and do the top blue coat again.
On the Light Cycle, I did a quick coat of flat silver to cover the over-spray. Next I need mask the windows off and do a quick coat over them. All that will then leave is the gloss (and matt) coats to seal it all in.
Damn, forgot there is a little bit of silver that needs to be painted metallic red too. I’ll get it all done sometime.

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